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Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali

Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali

HFI Secretary General

(1985 – 22 December 2013)

Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali is a businessman and sports administrator who served as the Secretary General of the Handball Federation of India (HFI) from 1985 to 22 December 2013.


Dr. Surinder Mohan Bali was born to Sh. Perhlad Bali in Jammu, in the Princely State of Jammu and Kashmir.

Dr. Bali was elected as the Secretary General of the Handball Federation of India (HFI) at the HFI Annual General Body Meeting held in Ludhiana in 1985. He succeeded Mohammed Ibrahim Khan from Andhra Pradesh. Dr. Bali served in this role for an unprecedented 28 years, a record tenure that lasted until 22 December 2013, when Anandeshwar Pandey succeeded him.

While serving as HFI Secretary General, Dr. Bali was also elected as Joint Secretary of the Indian Olympic Association. Additionally, he served as Chairman and was a member of various IOA sub-committees.

Dr. Bali also served as Secretary General of South Asian Handball Federation (SAHF) and Vice President of Commonwealth Handball Association (CHA) under the presidency of the then HFI, SAHF and CHA President Padma Shri Dr. Roshan Lal Anand. He was also appointed as Member of Marketing Commission of the Asian Handball Federation.

On June 6, 2009, Dr. S. M. Bali was awarded the IHF Badge of Merit in Gold by the President of the International Handball Federation, Dr. Hassan Moustafa (Egypt), in recognition of his remarkable contribution to international handball.

Dr. Bali held various positions in sports organisations, which included the following:

  • Secretary General of Handball Federation of India (1985 – 22 December 2013)
  • Secretary General of South Asian Handball Federation (2009 – 2014)
  • Joint Secretary of Indian Olympic Association
  • Member of Marketing Commission of Asian Handball Federation
  • Vice-President of Commonwealth Handball Association (2009 – 2013)

HFI Secretary General

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